Our success is built upon quality service, integrity, and relationships.

Please call upon us to support and improve your business.

About Our Firm

We are not a tech company, we are a people company.

  • Flextechs is a Boise-based IT service provider, offering a carefully selected team of disciplined professionals and a service mix to fit customers of any scale.

  • We seek customers, large or small, who value business relationships.

  • We work hard to earn each customer’s trust and consistently deliver business solutions and resources at a competitive cost.

  • We partner with technology manufacturers, though, we do not resell hardware or software – we prefer to keep our sole focus on services that bolster each customer’s bottom line.

FLEXTECHS is proud to partner with:

  • As a service organization, our reputation is our most important asset.

    We believe that customers deserve transparency …

    … and we have set a new standard for communication in IT.


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